'Bad Guys'
catalogue # REPOSELP033
format: Limited Edition Vinyl LP
barcode # 666017256412





LP Tracklisting
A1. Brick Toothpick (3:17)
A2. Fake Tan (2:41)
A3. Bore (3:34)
A4. My Love Is Disgusting (5:31)
A5. Alcowhore (3:24)
B1. Witness A New Low (5:17)
B2. Boat (3:36)
B3. Fat Labrador (3:24)
B4. Hurl (8:33)


Release Info:

BAD GUYS is an album that rides a horse and drives a van. It doesn’t own any furniture and it hasn’t bothered sorting out digital tele, it just watched the channels disappear one by one until they were all gone. Then it kicked the screen in and broke its foot and didn’t go to hospital. It drinks, it fucks, it fights, it throws up and it gets up and fucks again.

It’s not complicated, it’s heavy rock music. There are concepts there, somewhere, but they’re crushed under a tonne of rock, and rendered irrelevant. And rightly so, because who wants to complicate a party?

Stop analyzing and start nutting off.

Lazy comparisons time, take this lot and bash em together, Melvins, Black Sabbath, Harvey Milk, Motorhead, ZZ top, Trans Am, Killdozer, 90’s Am Rep, Thin Lizzy, MC5, Deep Purple etc

Band Info:

BAD GUYS. A midlander, a southerner, a Canadian and a Hungarian. Three necks, two kicks and no mic stand. Long hair, grey hair, bald-heads and beards. A shitload of rock. The works. Sounds like a plan. As well as playing with the likes of Circle and Oxes, these guys have earned a reputation for crashing all sorts of parties. They’ve played three ATP festivals, played on the plinth in Leicester Square, played Field Day, pissed off a lot of security, got a bunch of fines, and helped a lot of people have a lot of fun. Formed through a mutual desire to play some rock music that’s not had the life squeezed out of it by some kind of po-faced academic mangler, they make the heavy stuff and they play it loud, the way it should be.



“I'll do the Bad Guys review after I take a shit.”
“Just take a shit on the keyboard and send that in.”
I laugh out loud.  Then think. What if I were to do that? Will my shit hitting the keyboard be any more relevant than a review based largely on my encyclopaedic knowledge of the movie bad guys, linked haphazardly to these Bad Guys?  Will it be better than me going on about your Mum rubbing one out whilst flicking through the bands photos on Facebook? Maybe. But no, I don't get paid for writing this pish so I won't ruin my only keyboard for some cheap laugh. The cleanup would be more gruesome than your Mum on the Red Stripe.
Bad Guys sound like a fuckin’ band on their 5th album. They sound like a band who have been cutting about for ages. Like, Orange Goblin ages. They sound like a band that every cunt likes. No-one in the general vicinity would have the balls to say that they didn’t like Bad Guys.  They ooze that charismatic attitude, mixed with a cool look. Although, not as cool as John Brown. I used to think that he had some look; intriguing and cool. Until I got told he had alopecia. Some laugh. 
You don’t like Bad Guys? I'm sorry, but you’re probably a right scum bag and yer partner thinks you have a wee dick, big fanny and that paedo looking next door neighbour of yours is in the right, every time you disagree. Aye, these cunts are some band. Lets talk about this album without mentioning William Forsythe shooting that woman in the heid in Out For Justice.
Bad Guys LP has its bawz planted in a few genres. They’ve got big bawz. Sometimes it sounds pure desert rock like Kyuss or Masters of Reality, but with an English-sounding singer. That makes sense though because he is English. Then there’s lumbering nods to the heavy 60s/70s low end rock like Uriah Heep and that Sabbath band.  Seriously, give it a listen. And don’t give me your nit-picking griping and groaning and moaning because they don’t sound like those bands. They fucking dae. And you know whit, if you don’t like it then you can fight me. I'll meet you anywhere in Glasgow and boot yer cunt in.
There’s no need for any balladry here. Bad Guys don't need to feed you that. Why? So you can listen to it in the car to try and get a stinky finger from that lassie fae college who likes Kings of Leon? Never mind that pish, get her pumped. Bad Guys style. Pounded fast and hard.
You will be needing hip replacement surgery by the time ‘My Love Is Disgusting’ is finished with you; its riff giving you the ultimate knee-trembler.  ‘Alcowhore’ scrapes the bottom of the barrel, and shoves all the manky dregs into your mouth. It holds your nose and tells you to swallow. Then another tune hits and you’re suddenly wigging out like you’re in Palm Springs, wearing a bikini and watching Dave Lee Roth getting noshed round the back of a Quiznos Sub.
It's evident from the start Bad Guys probably don’t take themselves that seriously; it’s good time rock n’ roll with less boogie-woogie and more tits and bevy.  And they have the chops to play this mental gear which is, of course, helpful.  Bad Guys clearly don’t do this to feed their weans or put money in the electricity meter. They do this to get free beer, drugs, and lassie’s phone numbers.  William Forsythe would fucking love them.

I remember old good days when it was possible to find some cool bands on myspace (before the shitty upgrade). Few years ago I followed the link from one gig. That was the first time when heard the band with the simpliest name ever - Bad Guys

Few months ago I found that UK's finest noisy label Riot Season is going to release their debut LP.  It seems that BG is going to be the most rocking release up to date on the label. Start listening to the record...and dozens of hurricanes with fresh air are flowing through my ears.

Really good job done over the recording and mixing of the sound. Bad Guys had found their own way to the top of the mountain of success : most songs starts with the super sweet guitar sound intro which grows up into a smashing bulldozer of heavy rocking vibes. Smart Lyrics and harsh drunk-driven vocals is what makes Bad Guys freakin' special !

While listening to this record you can find tonns of influences starting from 70's heavy rock till the 90's noiserock and 00's riff rock. Just press the "Play" button and Bad Guys will make your evening. Dig this if you love dogs & hate sea foods and kids.


bel•lig•er•ent (b -l j r- nt) – ad

1. Inclined or eager to fight; hostile or aggressive.
2. Of, pertaining to, or engaged in warfare.

Have you ever wondered about the meanings of some words? Words that you use, roughly in context, but without a firm grasp of the background and true definition of the word? The first word that came to mind on first listen to Bad Guys was “belligerent”. As it turns out, the definition appears to be pretty much bang on the money. The Bad Guys sound, as their name might suggest, is hostile and aggressive and, in some respects, these guys sound as though they’re waging a musical war against lameness and mediocrity.

According to their biography Bad Guys are “a Midlander, a Southerner, a Canadian and a Hungarian. Three necks, two kicks and no mic stand. Long hair, grey hair, bald-heads and beards”. Based in London it seem the band have been operating largely under the radar having numerous releases under their belts and appearances at no less than three ATP events yet remain largely unknown on a wider scale. With this new album they seem intent on changing that and kicking in a few doors…and faces along the way.

The Bad Guys sound pulls from stoner, doom, classic rock and punk to produce a furious barrage of obnoxious riffs and propulsive drumming all topped off with an intimidating, barrel-chested, hardcore vocal roar. The Bad Guys platform is laid out from the start of opening track “Brick Toothpick” and rarely lets up in pace or intensity through to final track “Hurl” whether they’re charging ahead at full speed on “My Love Is Disgusting” or grinding as on “Alcowhore” through to the almost NWOBHM influenced “Witness A New Low”. Subtlety is thin on the ground and Bad Guys clearly aren’t trying to change the world through peaceful means. Instead they have Bono and Chris Martin strapped to chairs in a damp basement and are beating them with baseball bats whilst drinking cheap beer and listening to The Melvins!!! The production only serves to accentuate the stripped down nature of the Bad Guys sound in its no frills, band in the room with some fuck off big amps kind of way.

At only nine songs it isn’t the longest album in history but the sheer relentless nature of the album leaves you feeling battered and raw by the end. Any longer and it may start becoming intolerable!!! This is a band that can surely never play more than 45 minutes live without wringing themselves out completely. The Bad Guys’ Motorhead meets Harvey Milk onslaught may not be for everyone and certainly not for those whose tastes run to something a little more esoteric but for a 40 minute drunken, violent rampage this is a pretty good soundtrack.


The first word that popped into my head when I hit play on the Bad Guys' first full length album was "finally". This London based, no nonsense rock band have seemingly been around forever, tearing up this city with their incredible live shows and nothing beyond a 2 track EP to show for it.
But here it is, all teamed up with the ferocious British record label Riot Season who have put out face melting noise rock releases from epic bands such as Todd and Hey Colossus, this is a match made in the most awesome underground rock bar in heaven.
The good news is that Bad Guys is worth the wait and then some. ‘Brick Toothpick’ kicks off the proceedings with some absolutely shit kicking riffery… think ‘Rusty Cage’ by Sound Garden wrestling with some classic 70s hard rock jamming. The tortured vocals rip into it and you know you’re onto something truly bruising yet wonderful. There’s nothing terribly original about Bad Guys, a little bit of Melvins, a handful of Torche, a splattering of Sabbath, but the album somehow feels like a new approach to kick ass hard rock.
Imagine Metallica and Lou Reed really nailed Lulu and it was everything it should have been (instead of absolutely terrible)… a metal band hammering out more earth shattering riffs than you could shake a stick at with some lunatic crazy man spouting his nonsense over the top. That’s exactly what this is. Their man on vocal Stu has some important things on his chest; you can imagine him propped up at bar growling every thought that pops into his chemical ridden brain.
It’s all pretty consistent, the dual guitars work in absolute harmony together and have wonderful little hooks and quirks which keep pulling you back into Bad Guys’ fun yet brutal little world. It’s scientifically impossible not to nod your head with a scrunched up face in appreciation to some of riffs that ‘Alcowhore’ fires out.
‘Witness a new low’ has a wonderful cheesy 70s vibe but is still delivered with sludgy edge.
‘Fat Labrador’ is not only a brilliant song title but has a British feel to it. Lyrics such as “I see you at the chip shop, I see you at the park”, this album does not take itself too seriously. The final track ‘Hurl’ what can you say apart from that it’s one of the best songs EVER! The first few minutes of heavily distorted slow stoner rock jamming could never prepare anyone for the animal, which is unleashed when things gets moving. It will make you want to throw your laptop at the wall and try start a mosh pit with your girlfriend and cat in the middle of the living room (I didn’t do that honest). The guitars are fast, dynamic and the commanding vocals scream “You weird like prick, come and suck my fucking dick” sure some might think it’s not the most grown up or intelligent lyrics in the world… but us rock fans are not meant to be grown up or intelligent and we’re damn proud of it! The break down has some wonderful soft electric noises floating around and playing with the deep distortion, almost like Neu! or Circle turned up to help them play the album out. We’re then treated to one last blast of carnage, the band are absolutely owning it whilst the vocals roar “Let’s get a fucking beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!” and they’re right; we’ve just had a power hard rock master class so come on…let’s go get that fucking beer!

Bad Guys is a Sludge/Stoner/Noise/Punk Who Don’t Care What Genre They are band from UK. The members are: Stu - PJ - Dave - Tamas

Am going to let the bands bio tell you all you need to know as these guys are one of the weirdest collective units I have heard in a long while.

"A midlander, a southerner, a Canadian and a Hungarian. Three necks, two kicks and no mic stand. Long hair, grey hair, bald-heads and beards. A shitload of rock. The works. Sounds like a plan. As well as playing with the likes of Circle and Oxes, these guys have earned a reputation for crashing all sorts of parties. They’ve played three ATPs, played on the plinth in Leicester Square, played Field Day, pissed off a lot of security, got a bunch of fines, and helped a lot of people have a lot of fun. Formed through a mutual desire to play some rock music that’s not had the life squeezed out of it by some kind of po-faced academic mangler, they make the heavy stuff and they play it loud, the way it should be."

Well these world weary travellers have got together and created a band that transcends between Torche, Harvey Milk, Thin Lizzy, Melvins based rock/metal with sublime knowing self appreciating humour.

Bad Guys S/T album is a 9 song and 39-minute blast that you will love from the word go or hate with an almighty passion. There is no middle ground with this great band. You are either with them or you’re against them.

Me - well I worship at the same holy compound as these riff loving party sludge rock monsters worship at. All of the tracks have a great likeability factor about them. They might not be the most sophisticated band around but they sure are one of the most energetic and original bands I have heard in a debut album right now.

The way they blend Sludge, Noise, Stoner, Punk Rock genres really shouldn’t work but these snarling punks of the world make it work. Their debut album is a highly infectious blend of party atmospherics sludge based noise/stoner rock. This is an album you can dance and sing-along to with your mates and not be embarrassed as Bad Guys include many great sing-along choruses to shout your heart out to.

Songs like Fake Tan, Bore, Witness a New Low, Alcowhore might not sound like songs that match the Sludge/Stoner Rock template but they do pack a mean punch to them. The song titles give the album an unexpected and uncompromising edge to them. If you’re expecting comedy based tracks then you will pleasantly be surprised. Some of the songs will leave you with an almighty grin on your face but remember the main selling point of the album is the riffs.

You can hear their influences through out the entire album and it works to their favour. Hard-hitting Sludge/Noise Rock riffs matched with Torche style harmonies will make you come back time and time again. Bad Guys are one the hotly tipped bands to come from the Sludge/Stoner Rock scene and it’s easy to see why. These guys are having a blast through out their album. And you will too!!

Check out the brilliant riffs on Witness A New Low and the 8:33 minute amazing track – Hurl – to hear that Bad Guys are excellent musicians in their own right. They just have a great sense of humour and their main purpose is to entertain anybody who is listening to their music or in attendance at one of their gigs.

Bad Guys are a band who put their hearts and soul into it every time you listen to them or see them at a gig. Well they will be doing that a lot more as both fans and audiences are going to get bigger because of this great album.

I have been listening to this album non-stop few weeks. I have been telling people to check these guys out as they are the real deal. They are a true rock and roll band with no airs and graces around them. What you hear is what you get. Just good old-fashioned brilliant Sludge/Stoner Rock riffs, which destroys everything in its wake.

The album is wonderfully produced and you can tell these guys will sound exactly the same on stage as they do in the studio. They have that loveable anti-hero alter ego we all know and love.

Ladies and Gentlemen – Let me introduce you to Bad Guys. The soon-to-be must see band for all Sludge/Stoner Rock fans on the live arena. Expect big things from these hugely talented sludge/stoner rockers in the next 12 months or so.

Awesome and Highly Recommended.