'Bad Guynaecology'
catalogue # CD REPOSECD044 / LP REPOSELP044
formats: Limited Edition Vinyl LP & CD
barcode # LP 666017286013 / CD 666017286020






CD/LP Tracklisting :
1. Crime (6:09)
2. Prostitutes (3:46)
3. Zoltan (2:20)
4. World Murderer (5:31)
5. Reaper (4:31)
6. Fabled Succubus (4:22)
7. Motorhome (1:32)
8. No Tomorrow (11:48)


Recorded in a snake pit, in a quarry, on top of a mountain, in the desert, at night, during a thunderstorm, BAD GUYNAECOLOGY is the second album from Hackney’s BAD GUYS. Not only that, they will be playing an album launch show on FRIDAY 13th MARCH – yes, you heard that right, unlucky for some but not for BAD GUYS – at London’s infamous Lexington venue ahead of a full run of UK dates.

Full of heavy riffs, pounding drums and wild vocals laid down on seven foot wide steel tape, then smelted into WAVs by an irritable dwarf in an ancient forge, in space - BAD GUYNAECOLOGY truly is the soundtrack to your generation. Whoever you are.






So, now you’re hooked, here’s some facts:

Bad Guys are a southerner, a midlander, a Canadian and a Hungarian.

Production duties on this album fell to esteemed metal producer Jaime Gomez Arellano (Ghost, Cathedral, Angel Witch).
Bad Guys have played at several ATP festivals without ever being asked, razed a chalet to the ground on one occasion and got heavily fined, then next time played directly outside the security guards’ accommodation and got shut down. Learning from experience they opted to play inside the main building next time and were shut down due to being a fire hazard.
They’ve played on the fourth plinth in Trafalger Square as part of Anthony Gormley’s ‘One and Other’ art installation, they were told to shut down then as well even though you were supposed to be able to do whatever you like.
They’ve played in a theatre, as part of a poorly judged bit of experimentalism by a director. They weren’t shut down but it was clear everyone wanted them to leave.
Then they played in the life drawing room in the Royal Academy (the oldest life drawing room in the country), where they performed naked and people drew them, with varying degrees of success. They weren’t shut down and lot’s of intellectuals said it was interesting.
As well as all this stuff they’ve played in countless pubs and clubs and parties up and down the country and around Europe and have been generally very well received. Apart from in Glasgow where the promoter didn’t bother turning up, the DJ played techno to warm up and one drunk woman kept shouting at them to shut up


Bad Guys return with their 2nd album 'Bad Guynaecology'. Yeah, awesome pun with a great album cover to match. Bad Guys released a superb debut album back in 2013. Its style of Punk, Sludge, Doom, Stoner and Hard Rock won them a range of admirers within the scene. The other element that make Bad Guys such a great band is their hilarious and in your face lyrics that verged on genius insanity.
Now, Bad Guys are back singing about stealing Tonka Trunks, Prostitutes part time activities in the Garden and a whole range of disturbing stuff that only Bad Guys could get away with. Opening track 'Crime' is no doubt the albums standout track, Bad Guys have written a downright hilarious morality tale, with the lead singer telling us a story about getting a Tonka Truck by the only way he knows how 'CRIME' after he's flatly been refused by his parents. The lyrics have a Guy Ritchie charm about them as you hear the illegal deed in full, make no mistake you will be laughing too much as this song is insane. I haven't even talked about the music yet as Bad Guys play a lo-fi style of fuzz driven Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs with Punk Rock carnage to give it a kitchen-sink type appeal.
You will be shouting out the loud echoes of CRIME and TONKA throughout this track as its pure genius and insanity at the same time. The 2nd song 'Prostitutes (Are Making Love In My Garden)' can be classed as the albums love song in a certain twisted way. As Bad Guys vent their anger on what happens in the garden. And they ain't happy one bit with tales of romance and everything in between. It's another hilarious and action packed tale with killer riffs to match. It has a seedier feel with the distorted riffs giving way to in-your-face Punk Rock magic. Third track 'Zoltan Snake Hunter' is a more fast-paced affair with Bad Guys unleashing heavy Stoner/Sludge based riffs. The lyrical content takes aim at TV Adventurers and Fearless Wildlife Presenters going after a dangerous beast.
The album can be very dark at times especially on the 2nd half where the riffs become heavier, dirtier and even seedier. Underneath all the darkness of the album there is a band screaming to get out and have a good time with you all. The lovable rogues from the first album may have grown up more disgracefully and there's no denying the raucous nature of their music, indeed Bad Guys are in a league of their own.
As with their debut album, Bad Guys end the album with an epic track clocking in at 11 mins or so, namely 'No Tomorrow', with the delightful 'Motorhome' an excellent precursor.  It is a 90 second scuzzy as hell romp, which you will be singing out loud for days. For me though, the main event is 'No Tomorrow', a progressive sludge metal treat for all you prog rock fans with a Bad Guys twist. Dark vocals and lyrics combine once more for another of the albums standout tracks. Bad Guys place more emphasis on mood than humour and it's a decision that pays off huge dividends. proving that Bad Guys can write serious songs and are great storytellers too.
In summary 'Bad Guynaecology' is a great album for Bad Guys to return with. It's a different album to its predecessor and it proves that Bad Guys have matured as a band though there's still a ton of laughs to have along the way. It's a must have record. Plain and Simple.


Bad Guynaecology, the second album from London based-four-piece Bad Guys (for the always excellent label Riot Season), deals with some serious and heady themes during its 40 minute running time. ‘Crime’ is a deep psychological exploration of the evolving thought processes transpiring in the mind of a desperate and troubled kleptomaniac. ‘Prostitutes (Are Making Love In My Garden)’ paints a sensitive portrait of the practical realities and dangers of the illegal sex trade in modern suburban society. ‘Motorhome’ is about mobility, freedom, living in a camper van… and fucking. Lots of fucking.
Psychological explorations? Sensitive portraits? Ha, only joking you mad fool. This album is as philosophically deep as Bono’s eardrum. It’s called Bad Guynaecology for fuck’s sake. If you were expecting Baudelaire or Bertolt Brecht then you’d be in for a very rude surprise wouldn’t you, with that title, a very rude surprise indeed.
Seriously what were you thinking? Honestly, some people.
Anyway, back to the superb rock album Bad Guynaecology. Cheeky album opener ‘Crime’ is actually about having your parents refuse to buy you a Tonka toy truck. We all want one of those right? So what’s the next logical step? Well obviously it’s to nick one from the local Toys ‘R’ Us. So sort of what I said in that first paragraph but without the clever-sounding word bumpf. I’m not a total liar; I’m just a twat.
As an aside, I’m not sure if the song’s protagonist is a spiteful child or an insane adult man still living with his parents, coveting shitty plastic toy cars. Either way the stealy git gets what he wants. Gravel-voiced singer Stuart bellows the final father-son revelation in chilling fashion as guitars and drums punch holes into your face:
“Hey Son, where’d you get that truck?”
“Toy ‘R’ Us.”
“How’d you pay for it?”
“I didn’t, I stole it, I used CRIME! Now I’m a criminal.”
It ends with the finger-pointing chant: “You should’ve bought me the truck… you fuck!”
Well we’ve all been there, aye? Lesson learned. It’s a belter of an opening track and gets you right in the mood for the 7 other bludgeoning slices of filthy rock to come.
Lyrically the album continues where ‘Crime’ leaves off, its grubby tongue jammed so far in its cheek it’s actually poked through the leathery skin and is passionately licking the unsuspecting person sitting next to it on the tube (to Chorleywood no less). To make matters worse this tongue is made from bits of gaffa-taped shards of piss-smeared broken glass. Tasty necking.
Musically though, this album rocks like a staggeringly violent Judas Priest fan in a Sleep baseball cap, tumbling drunkenly from one metal/rock style to the next. Triumphant twin-necked guitar parts, pounding drums, gnarly bass and the insane bellows of a maniac all duke it out for pole position.
‘World Murderer’ is an absolute beast of a doom/sludge banger. It’s absolutely immense, all dirty Sabbath riffs and apocalyptic crashing drops. If you listen to any song in the next 3 – 4 minutes then this should be it. It’s ace. Demonic vocals are coiled out over the top like some sort of demented black magic shaman doing a shit, before the song erupts into full-on classic heavy metal territory and on-the-edge throat shredding. Bad Guys clearly know their metal forefather heritage and give it a jaunty wink.
‘Succubus’ and album closer ‘No Tomorrow’ are pure chugging ’80s metal, like an angry Iron Maiden. Just imagine if Bruce Dickinson was told he couldn’t be a pilot any more. Poor Bruce, Imagine him kicking off in an airport departure lounge, smashing the place up in wild gopher-man fury. Go on imagine it, treat yourself. Well this sounds like that but in musical form. ‘Reaper’ and ‘Motorhome’ are classic thrash. Hardcore punk drumming and hammering bass, just the way momma used to make it.
If Lemmy fell off his favourite barstool one evening, booze addled and looking for a quarrel, then he’d probably whack this on his walkman to get him in the mood for a dance (no Nolan Sisters for him, no). Bad Guys play loud, sludgy metal-rock, filled to the brim with big riffs. Lemmy would be proud I tell you. They may take the piss lyrically but they don’t fuck about with the songs.
Bad Guynaecology is a fucking great record and sounds like it was a blast to make, by a band that take their music seriously but also know not to take themselves too seriously. Which is why, despite its silliness, its songs about stolen toy cars, people having it off in your garden, and men who wrestle snakes, underneath all of that, this album will absolutely kick your fucking teeth in.
And I’m not lying when I say that.
Bad Guys are the kind of ridiculous, fun metal band that I’m really glad exist. You may well have already gleaned from the fact that this album is calledBad Guynaecology that they are not a group that takes themselves 100% seriously. Not for them the po-faced song topics beloved by so many of their peers (I’m not necessarily against weed or Satanism, but there does come a limit) - instead they prefer to tell absurd, surrealist stories. The music, too, is refreshingly back-to-basics sludge rock propelled along by the dual assault of two double-necked guitars, a gleeful throwback to one of the classic images of rock excess. There are very few frills here, though, just meaty, primordial riffs, cataclysmic drumming and a sort of willful silliness.
Powerful album opener ‘Crime’ sets the tone perfectly, with its riotously stupid story of a child driven to shoplift a Tonka truck by his parents’ refusal to buy it for him. The ending refrain of “You shoulda bought me the truck/ you fuck!” reaffirms that tongues are going to be firmly in cheeks for the duration of this album. Next up is ‘Prostitutes (Are Making Love In My Garden)’, pretty self-explanatory in its subject matter, but it providing of some amusing reflections on the nature of sex work (“I wonder if it’s true love, that these cuckolds really feel/ they need an alternative lifestyle, who am I to question their ideals?”). Track three ‘ZoltanSnake Hunter’ is a thrashier number which recalls the Melvins at their riffiest and, in “Fuck you, snakes!_”, has one of the greatest closing lines of all time.
It’s neat to have an opening trio of songs that so perfectly capture exactly what an album, and a band, are all about. Having said that, it is as we move towards the back-end of Bad Guynaecology that things really start to get interesting. ‘World Murderer’ shows an even heavier, more evil, side of the band as it flirts with black metal atonality in the guitars and gutteral delivery in the vocals. ‘Motorhome’, apparently a treatise on the pleasures of being an inconsiderate owner of said vehicle, is a short-and-sweet take on Motörhead-esque speed metal. Best of all, though, is 12-minute finale ‘No Tomorrow’, which, unsurprisingly, takes the listener on quite the journey, including two extensive wig-outs. I feel like wigging out is an essential skill for bands of this genre and ‘No Tomorrow’ is an excellent example of a band really cutting loose.
While the funny song titles and silly lyrics do tend to attract attention (and I’m aware I’ve talked about them a lot) they shouldn’t take away from the fact that there is some very good musicianship here. The sense of humour is welcome, yes, but it wouldn’t work if the riffs weren’t so on point. It may seem like a strange comparison but Ian Dury could do so much with his lyrics and delivery only because The Blockheads were amazing musicians and a similar symbiosis is at work here. While I don’t think this is the best work the band can produce - some of the tracks feel like a flung-together collection of riffs rather than properly worked out songs - it is a tremendously accomplished album. It’s heavy as balls and really fun, and sometimes that’s just what you need.


When the first track is about a young boy shoplifting a Tonka Truck and ends with him snarling at his father, “you should have bought me the truck, YOU FUCK!” you know you’re in the hands of truly damaged people; a band who rock like bastards but know what they’re doing is inherently stupid. This is a magnificent – and magnificently dumb – album that revels in the most depraved and base elements of metal, doom and stoner rock but has an approach to lyrics and song titles (Motorhome, Zoltan Snake Hunter) that suggest an acquaintance with the likes of Killdozer and Ten Benson. This might not be the most edifying album of the year so far but it’s the most fun.


“Recorded in a snake pit, in a quarry, on top of a mountain, in the desert, at night, during a thunderstorm.” London-based, multi-national four-piece Bad Guys sure know how to spin a yarn, and humour wraps around ‘Bad Guynaecology’’s greasy, rotten core like engine oil. You can taste the sweat that comes oozing off this album; it’s a dive bar, basement brawl of a record, like Pissed Jeans’ ‘Honeys’ with more jokes.
Frequently hilarious in lyrical content (the opening – and fucking fantastic – ‘Crime’ is about shoplifting a Tonka Truck from Toys ‘R’ Us), sonically it’s swaggeringly grotty and full of grime and grit, moving from ’70s traditional metal to its primal stoner core, to almost Les Savvy Fav-esque pop-noise. It’s refreshingly lacking in self-awareness and Bad Guys are clearly a band led by nothing more than primal instincts and a desire to rattle your skull with monster riffs and crack your ribs with ridiculous lyrics. The closing ‘No Tomorrow’ is a non-stop twelve-minute psych-rock powerhouse, ending the album riotously, just as it begins.


The hairy, fat-bellied figure adorning the sleeve of Bad Guys' second album rather sums up its sound. 'Bad Guynaecology', which follows the east London heavy-rock quartet's self-titled 2013 debut, is ridiculous, funny and vulgar. Six-minute opener 'Crime' is a grotty Motorhead chug about a child - possibly gravel-voiced frontman Stu - who steals a toy truck from Toys'R'Us and tells his dad: "You should've brought me the truck, YOU FUCK!" 'Reaper' is super fast, with thundering drums and waddling ZZ Top guitar. They sound craziest on 'Motorhome', a ferocious fantasy about buying a caravan: "Heading to your town/Fucking in your garden/Trampling on your flowers!" Never mind bad, these guys sound truly abhorrent.

NME (7/10)

Bad Guys are “a midlander, a southerner, a Canadian and a Hungarian. Double necks, double kicks and no mic stand. Long hair, grey hair, bald-heads and beards. A shitload of rock. The works. Sounds like a plan. As well as playing with the likes of Circle and Oxes, these guys have earned a reputation for crashing all sorts of parties. They’ve played three ATPs, played on the plinth in Trafalgar Square, played Field Day, pissed off a lot of security, got a bunch of fines, and helped a lot of people have a lot of fun. Formed through a mutual desire to play some rock music that’s not had the life squeezed out of it by some kind of po-faced academic mangler, they make the heavy stuff and they play it loud, the way it should be.”
Bad Guys manage to do all of this with reassuringly BAD names like Stu, PJ, Dave & Tamas…
‘Bad Guynaecology’ is a fucking awesome title for an LP, their second following an eponymous release in 2013, both through the Riot Season label.
‘Bad Guynaecology’ is underpinned by powerhouse drumming, killer Riffage with a capital R and a sagacious vocal delivery. There are tongue lashings of worldly wise pathos and gallows humour in the lyrics, each renewed listen teases further delight from their fleshy folds.
LP opener, ‘Crime’ is a fuzzy domestic tale of unrequited love for a Tonka Truck, with the protagonist resorting to a spot of five finger discount; ‘Prostitutes (Are Making Love In My Garden)’ is a balls to the wall exposé of nocturnal horticultural delight. I for one do not expect to hear another track like it this year, nor imagine one to beat that title; ‘Zoltan’ is a paean to renowned snake wrangler Zoltan Takacs – “fuck you snakes” ; Side A closer, ‘World Murderer’ is an epic sprawling intergalactic riff monster, in the grand tradition of ‘Iron Man’; Side B kicks off with ‘Reaper’, a speedfreakin’ nihilistic motherfucker, evoking The Merry Pranksters’ ‘Nothing’ albeit with a fairytale ending; ‘Fabled Succubus’ is the cascading wet-dream we’ve all been searching for; ‘Motorhome’ city madman, conjures mayhemic, on and off the road, images of the cult serial killer movie ‘Sightseers’; Clocking in at a shade under 12 minutes, epic LP finale, ‘No Tomorrow’ kicks in with tribal pounding drums and guitar that reminds me of Theatre Of Hate’s ‘Do You Believe In The Westworld’, the instrumental segments veering down a vocal offramp that sounds like the bastard child of Cronos and Hetfield before soaring again heavenward, thrusters refuelled with some heavy duty Hawkwind propellant…
I asked the Bad Guys a few questions;
What’s behind the LP?
Brute force, time, love, laughter and money.
Upcoming shows?
We got a shit load of excursions in and out of London.
End of May we will be in Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic and probably Germany, France. Will keep you posted.
What are you listening to?
The new Gum Takes Tooth album is great. Stuarts been listening to The Body, and Levon Vincent and Tamas recommends Dope Calypso.
What’s next?
After gigging the hell out of this album, we’ll probably be sick of the sight of each other for a few months. Then that niggling urge to get back in the studio will go from being a light tapping in the back of our minds to a hammer drill compelling us to see if we can do it again, can we make an album better than the last one?
‘Bad Guynaecology’ is officially released by Riot Season on March 16th, it is available as a Limited Edition of 400 Vinyl LP’s with a high gloss sleeve and printed inner bag, as well as 500 CD copies in digipack sleeve.
Only a fool would argue with Bad Guys, particularly Bad Guys’ whose LP was, “Recorded in a snake pit, in a quarry, on top of a mountain, in the desert, at night, during a thunderstorm.”
When not risking life and limb in said perilous locations, Bad Guys camped out at Orgone Studios in London where they were ably aided and abetted by Producer, Jaime Gomez Arellano whose previous credits include Ghost, Cathedral, Paradise Lost, Sunn o))) & Ulver.
Bad Guys are delightfully quotable, describing themselves as, “Full of heavy riffs, pounding drums and wild vocals laid down on seven foot wide steel tape, then smelted into WAVs by an irritable dwarf in an ancient forge, in space – BAD GUYNAECOLOGY truly is the soundtrack to your generation. Whoever you are,” and “For Fans Of: Motorhead, Harvey Milk, Melvins, Thin Lizzy, Jesus Lizard, Torche, MC5, Killdozer, Black Sabbath.”
To me they epitomise the habit of a life-tribe.
To these ears, their Doom / Stoner / Punk vibe suggests an all together more colourful alternative universe, in which Paul Di’Anno never spat the dummy and Maiden morphed into the frenzied follicle fest that is Bad Guys…
That’s a picture of me, on the above album cover, from my early wrestling days. Just kidding. This album is a skull stomping listen and I equate Bad Guynaecology to a steak, beer and potato dinner with extra steak and extra beer. Yes, it’s very filling with its meaty riffs and foundation shifting rhythm section. The clean and robust vocals of Stuart London are in-your-face, just like this band’s music is. Bad Guys are a band to keep on your Metal radar. If you don’t have a Metal radar, then you’re shit-out-of-luck.
From their entertaining lyrics to their relentless and massive sound, no instrument is faded to the back and there’s no annoying excess of sonic fuzz going on either, on Bad Guynaecology. The widespread heaviness of sound from Bad Guys is so vital to underscore; it’s easy to call this album a herculean listen. With lyrics about stealing a toy car from a Toys “R” Us in the album opener, Crime, along with the second track, Prostitutes (Are Making Love In My Garden), there exists a grand sense of humor within the ranks of Bad Guys, indeed.
Bad Guys can surely reach an impressive cross-section of Heavy Rock and Metal fans; there’s plenty of Stoner, early Black Sabbath and Danzig meets Clutch meets Orange Goblin meets C.O.C. influence to delight in, on this album. There are eight songs on Bad Guynaecology and the closing track, No Tomorrow, is the epic song on this album; it clocks in at a whopping 11:47 and is a headbanging, glorious, guitar-driven and roaring last course.
I might add that the fifth track, Reaper and the seventh track, Motorhome, radiate all the credentials of being Punk(ish) songs in the vein of early Motörhead’s style of Rock ‘N’ Roll. The sixth track, Fabled Succubus, is a freaking jam-packed Stoner feast. Putting all musical influences that I hear (and it could just be me hearing it for Metal sakes) aside, Bad Guys have a convincing aura of originality. Bad Guys are that band I always hope to find out about so I can brag about them and feel like a big shot. Bad Guys can take a bow and hopefully will know, someday, that they’ve made Stone very happy. Metal be thy name